In keeping with the latest trends: Extrema and Status are tinged with exclusive colours

The already extensive range of colours featuring Extrema, a collection of eco-leather fabric from Flukso, has recently been updated with new colours that give voice to the latest trends. Indeed, Flukso is always attentive to the trend evolution in the furniture industry and is conducting a targeted study by relying also on the support of some influencers to identify the trendiest colours of the coming seasons.


Extrema: 20 new colours
The undisputed queen of eco-leather, appreciated by international architects and designers for its unique and sophisticated style, has updated its colour proposal by introducing 20 new refined and eclectic colours. An add-on that has further enhanced a collection of great appeal and high performance.


Status: 34 exclusive colours
Stylish and refined colours have also been selected for Status, a new collection of polyurethane fabrics that, like Extrema, are made of environmentally friendly materials, a key approach to achieve a particularly soft and enveloping feel to the touch. The new entry features 34 contemporary shades, which can be used to achieve different styles and fulfil any inspirations.


The choice of colours
The lively and brilliant colour here gives space to more sober, elegant and versatile tones, with a selection ranging from pastel to warmer and spicier earthy colours. No more just bold and irreverent nuances, then, but also light and impalpable colours that alternate with full and intense colours. A mix of elegance and charm that embraces a distinctly contemporary style.