Aurea Silk

Aurea is the latest proposal of coated fabric introduced by Flukso®: it is flame retardant, soft and elastic. Its elastic structure and its technical skills allow Aurea to fit easily to the recent geometries of upholstery design, with special finishing, colours and features making it unique. Impermeable and higly resistant to mechanical tractions, Aurea by Flukso® contains Vinyzene certified by Bio-Pruf, a special component added in the first steps of production process that gives to the fabric’s surface more resistance to mould, mites and bacteria. Soft and warm, Aurea Mood has a modern surface with a leather effect and the trendiest colour range. Elegant and silky, the version Aurea Silk has a satin effect with a refined and changing colour range. In its classic and decorative version Deco, Aurea has a look similar to a jacquard fabric. Aurea Sculpture, with its tridimensional effect, perfectly combines with Aurea Silk and Aurea Deco. Aurea is treated with VINYZENE, an anti-microbial and anti-mould agent certified by Bio-Pruf.

Bio Pruf

72% PVC – 3% PU – 25% COT

600 g/m2

140 cm

Comfort ed elasticitaFacile manutenzioneImpermerabilitaOutdoorResistenza ai raggi uvResistenza al fuocoTrattamento-funghicidaLavare a manoNon asciugareNon candeggiareNon pulire a seccoStirare a bassa temperatura

Fire resistance

IMO resolution A.652 (16): 1989
BS 5852-1 PART I
EN 1021-2
TB 117:2013

Color range

Aurea Silk * 55
Aurea Silk * 51
Aurea Silk * 50
Aurea Silk * 52
Aurea Silk * 63
Aurea Silk * 53
Aurea Silk * 60
Aurea Silk * 64
Aurea Silk * 67
Aurea Silk * 66
Aurea Silk * 57
Aurea Silk * 69
Aurea Silk * 68
Aurea Silk * 55
Aurea Silk * 54
Aurea Silk * 56
Aurea Silk * 70
Aurea Silk * 58
Aurea Silk * 59
Aurea Silk * 71
Aurea Silk * 61
Aurea Silk * 62
Aurea Silk * 65

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