Caleidos is the ideal fabric for those who want to obtain maximum relax, great ease of use and simple maintenance from upholstered furniture. Manufactured with a new generation of yarns resistant to stains, Caleidos does not contain chemical treatments harmful to health. Caleidos gets rid of stains in an extremely easy manner, and it has been developed to stand several washes in washing machine without suffering size reductions. Caleidos is highly resistant to tear and abrasion; it features optimal resistance of the colour to light. Caleidos does not contain or release substances that are harmful to health; it fully complies with the requirements established by the current European legislation regarding the use of dyes. Caleidos is available upon request also in the fireproof version.

100% PES

410 g/m2

140 cm

Facile manutenzioneResistenza alla lacerazioneLavaggio delicato max 30Non asciugareNon candeggiareNon pulire a seccoStirare a bassa temperatura

Color range

Caleidos * 1420
Caleidos * 220
Caleidos * 320
Caleidos * 420
Caleidos * 520
Caleidos * 620
Caleidos * 720
Caleidos * 820
Caleidos * 920
Caleidos * 1020
Caleidos * 1120
Caleidos * 1220
Caleidos * 1320
Caleidos * 1420
Caleidos * 1520
Caleidos * 1620
Caleidos * 1720