Flukso creates the Club collection, consisting of three fabrics, Cotton Club, Jive and Swing, using the latest generation of regenerated cotton yarns.
Flukso’s proposals could not miss a collection created by regenerating cotton yarns, turned again into fibers, then re-spun and re-dyed.
Specific finishing techniques have been applied to realize this series of fabrics, preserving their natural look with a slightly “on the move” appearance.
The Club collection consists of 18 colours with three different weaves for a total of 54 variations. It is paired with Snob, a cotton polyester velvet from the Flukso collection available in 35 different colours.

70 % COT – 10% PES – 10% ACR – 10% AF

440 g/m2

140 cm

Oeko-texResistenza alla lacerazioneLavaggio delicato max 30Non candeggiareNon lavarePulitura a seccoStirare a bassa temperatura

Water-repellent on request.
Natural shrinkage and growth may occur.

Color range

Jive* 309
Jive* 311
Jive* 301
Jive* 312
Jive* 304
Jive* 313
Jive* 305
Jive* 314
Jive* 307
Jive* 302
Jive* 308
Jive* 309
Jive* 315
Jive* 318
Jive* 317
Jive* 316
Jive* 310
Jive* 306
Jive* 319

Combined collections