Flukso creates the Dada Op Art collection, characterized by geometric designs made with a distinctive coordinate twists of frisé yarns and chenille with very large and voluminous appearance.
Dada and Op Art are part of the Demitec line, which introduces a new fabric concept, born from the solid experience of Flukso and destined to revolutionize the furniture world.
Demitec combines the elegance, enveloping textures and prestigious fabrics traditionally reserved for the residential sector together with the high technical performances typical of the contract fabrics.
Dada and Op Art are paired with Superb Casual, a fireproof velvet in Trevira CS polyester from the Flukso collection available in 18 different colours.

100% PES FR

540 g/m2

140 +/- 3% cm

Facile manutenzioneResistenza al fuocoResistenza alla lacerazioneLavaggio delicato max 30Non asciugareNon candeggiarePulitura a seccoStirare a bassa temperaturaNon si stinge

Fire resistance

EN 1021 part. 1-2
UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM

Color range

Dada* 259
Dada* 250
Dada* 251
Dada* 252
Dada* 253
Dada* 254
Dada* 256
Dada* 259
Dada* 260
Dada* 257
Dada* 261
Dada* 255
Dada* 258

Combined collections