Extrema Wave

Special processing for Extrema Au, the queen of eco-leather, a brand recognized by international architects and designers.
Extrema Wave is made by continuously quilting an exclusive Flukso design with contemporary style, which makes eco-leather even softer, giving it a three-dimensional look.
Extrema Wave is available in stock in 8 different colours. It can be produced and ordered by roll in all 48 colours available in the Extrema AU solid-hue version.
Extrema Wave is paired with Snob FR, a fireproof cotton and polyester blend velvet from the Flukso collection available in 35 different colours.

70 % PU – 20% COT – 7% PES – 3% PP – 2% AF

710 g/m2

138 +/- 3% cm

Assenza di ftalatiComfort ed elasticitaFacile manutenzioneImpermerabilitaResistenza al fuocoTrattamento-funghicidaAsciugare all aria distesoLavare a manoNon asciugareNon candeggiareNon pulire a seccoStirare a bassa temperatura

Fire resistance

EN 1021 part. 1-2
UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM

Color range

Extrema Wave* 1480
Extrema Wave* 3680
Extrema Wave* 480
Extrema Wave* 1480
Extrema Wave* 4280
Extrema Wave* 580
Extrema Wave* 380
Extrema Wave* 4080
Extrema Wave* 1080

Combined collections