Piquant Wave

Special processing for Piquant, the fireproof fabric of Flukso’s Demitec range.
Piquant Wave is made by continuously quilting an exclusive Flukso design with contemporary style, which makes the fabric even softer, giving it a three-dimensional look.
Piquant Wave is available in stock in 8 different colours. It can be produced and ordered by roll in all 42 colours available in the Piquant solid-hue version.
Piquant Wave is paired with Hot, a fireproof fire-retardant chenille in polyester FR of the Flukso collection, available in 42 different colours.

70% PES FR – 28% PU – 2% PP

650 g/m2

138 +/- 3% cm

Facile manutenzioneResistenza al fuocoResistenza alla lacerazioneLavaggio delicato max 30Non asciugareNon candeggiarePulitura a seccoStirare a bassa temperaturaNon si stinge

Fire resistance

EN 1021 part. 1-2
UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM

Color range

Piquant Wave* 5150
Piquant Wave* 5102
Piquant Wave* 5110
Piquant Wave* 5109
Piquant Wave* 5146
Piquant Wave* 5151
Piquant Wave* 5136
Piquant Wave* 5150
Piquant Wave* 5117

Combined collections