Pop is a polyester fabric entirely manufactured and tested in Italy that has been studied for the upholstered furniture sector.
Made applying special technical finishings that reduce height and increase thickness of the geometrical shapes on the surface. This fabric is highly resistant and both its warp and texture are 100% fireproof. Since it has successfully passed the most exacting reaction to fire tests, it can be used in the professional and hospitality/contract settings. Pop belongs to the Demitec line which introduces a new concept of fabric, born from the strong experience of Flukso and aimed to revolution the world of upholstery. Demitec mixes togheter the elegance, the embracing materials and the prestige of traditional home fabric with the resistance and the high technical performances typical of contract textile.

100% PES FR

420 g/m2

140 cm

Facile manutenzioneResistenza al fuocoResistenza alla lacerazioneLavaggio delicato max 30Non asciugareNon candeggiarePulitura a seccoStirare a bassa temperatura

Fire resistance

BS 5852 crib 5
EN 1021 part 1-2
UNI 9175: classe 1IM
Classi Potenziali-Potential FR Classes
M1(F) – classe 1 (I) / B1(D) – BT117 (USA)

Color range

Pop * 110
Pop * 102
Pop * 115
Pop * 106
Pop * 108
Pop * 101
Pop * 114
Pop * 110
Pop * 107
Pop * 111
Pop * 112
Pop * 113
Pop * 109
Pop * 103
Pop * 116