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Contract fabrics and home fabrics: A new image for Flukso

December 2015

Contract fabrics and home fabrics for residential upholstery: The range of textiles for interior design by Flukso is growing and expanding to reach different applications, spaces and types of interior (or outdoor) uses.

But above all, it is Flukso the one that changes, growing day after day and renewing its collections and its image.

At present Flukso offers architects, interior designers and decorators a contemporary mood, with fabrics with the best performance in the market, with its own capacity to innovate the textile sector but without betraying its mission of prime quality and 100% Made-in-Italy style and production.

A new photo service immortalises the interior design fabrics by Flukso within an urban setting made up of neutral and dark shades on which the contract fabrics, iconic, are silhouetted, or for domestic spaces, coated or natural, artificial leathers and leather-effect fabrics or the most classic upholstery, suitable for grand and opulent public and domestic settings.

The new photo service by Flukso, the first display of the renewed corporate image, is a summary of Flukso’s textile production and a panoramic view of the most recent innovations introduced by the company in terms of both fabric performance and design. But there is also a promise here: The starting point of the huge research & development work Flukso is implementing.