Digital printing on fabric: total customisation whatever the quantity

Thanks to the potential of digital printing on fabric, Flukso is completely revolutionising the concept of furnishing textiles and opening up countless opportunities for furniture upholstery customisation to architects, designers and manufacturers, with no constraints imposed by quantity.


Customisation in the textile coverings industry

Attentive as ever to the service aspect and customer support, Flukso has always been very sensitive to the theme of fabric customisation, understood as both large-scale customisations for those who want an exclusive textile range including their own patterns and designs, and customisation on a smaller scale. That is why it immediately freed up a significant amount of space for cutting-edge digital printing equipment and an in-house design team tasked with overseeing this phase of the work.


Digital printing on fabric using state of the art technology

For digital fabric printing Flukso uses the most state-of-the-art technology in the industry.
It uses advanced transfer technology to make an image on special paper which is then applied at high temperatures to the fabrics with a special heat press at 200°C. Printing can be done on any kind of polyester collection with guaranteed superb image quality and lightfastness.


Digital printing on fabric: all the benefits for a wide range of applications

Digital printing has made super fast, low cost, top quality printing a reality. Unsurprisingly, industry professionals have begun to grasp this opportunity not just for large-scale furniture manufacturing but also for the customisation of individual items, particularly in contract interior design projects with particular aesthetic or communicative requirements.


Digital printing on fabric to monitor performance in mass production

In the case of mass customisation, digital fabric printing can also be used to produce samples and tests, which enables the customer to check print quality and then start mass production run only once the desired effect has been achieved.


Unlimited customisations

With Flukso you can customise fabrics without any limitation on colour, design or print size. It has set up its own internal in-house design department capable of producing designs and patterns upon request, including those which can be coordinated to create a variety of combined collections.
At the same time, the company is also happy to produce colour samples or a required Pantone® upon special request, as well as logos, designs or textures at the customer’s choice.