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Flukso flies to Cannes for the Tour de France organized by Cotte Martinon

April 2018

On Friday 9th of March, Flukso boarded another plane: this time, to reach the city of Cannes, where it participated in the first of the five stages that make up the exclusive tour organized by Cotte Martinon, a French company which partners with Flukso and specializes in the distribution of indoor and outdoor fabrics and accessories for the contract and marine sectors.
Cotte Martinon selects only the best brands in the textile industry

On this occasion, Flukso had the opportunity to showcase its corporate philosophy and latest collections to event visitors.
Room for new trends

With the upcoming summer season, we gave great importance to outdoor fabrics and, in particular, to the marine sector.
Clouds, one of Flukso’s outdoor lines, scored a great success during the Cannes event.
The success of the Clouds line

Clouds, with its more than 90 variants, reinterprets the concept of outdoor textiles, offering a wide range of exclusive velvets and jacquard fabrics.
Ambience: a precious universe of enveloping fabrics

Among all collections, Ambience is the one that best expresses the authentic beauty of Clouds.
With its soft and enveloping velvets, it is able to enhance any location thanks to simple details. Ambience weighs 500 g/m2 and, thanks to the special treatment it undergoes, it guarantees a resistance to over 60,000 abrasion cycles.
Flukso presents itself through unique and original collections

In this case too, Flukso lets its fabrics speak to present its innovative soul, its enthusiasm and its desire to experiment new things and improve the products that have always set the Company apart.