Flukso: one of the main stars in Heimtextil 2018

The beginning of the new year could not have been better: from 9 to 12 January Flukso was in Frankfurt to take part as an exhibitor in Heimtextil 2018, the largest international trade fair dedicated to textiles for interior design.

This edition of the renowned event that boasts a consolidated format not only provided an insight into trends but also served as an incubator of revolutionary, unique and smart ideas that can have a decisive impact on how future collections are designed and how new styles will develop.


The Art to Stand Out

Bearing this idea in mind, Flukso tried to find their own distinctive feature, displaying an exclusive booth with warm and cosy colours totally in tune with the fabrics exhibited throughout the four-day exhibition.
The project was enthusiastically received by visitors. It is the fruit of a careful research by the interior designers to whom Flukso turns in order to find a new communication way to stand out due not only to the varied spectrum of the fabrics offered, but also to a flawless and neat presentation of both products and the company.
That’s it. Because nothing has been left to chance. In fact, Flukso has decided to establish the moodboards that through a balanced cocktail of colours would successfully summarise the wide range of fabrics created by the company in the last few years.
Besides, driven by the desire to reveal more and more their innovative image, Flukso has decided to offer a preview of their latest fascinating collections, enriched by elegant textures and patterns. Some wall covering solutions as well as fabrics personalised by digital printing were also presented.


The Future is Urban

Several textile projects that are epitomes of Flukso’s refined style have been selected by a top-class committee to be used to dress the installations of the Theme Park.

Like every year, the Heimtextil organisers have chosen a macro topic and four themed areas to be developed and interpreted. The whole project focuses on the idea that in the near future our life will be increasingly shaped by an urban world.

Therefore, we will need to act on different fronts- the spaces where we live and work will have to become more flexible and limited. The problem of polluted air must be tackled by creating green areas where people can breathe pure air. The exponential growth of trash generated will only be overcome through an outlook that aims at ending with the dogmatic approach that makes a clear difference between waste and resource. Finally, we should move towards a technological democratisation and digital manufacturing of products so that sales processes to each individual person become more efficient.


The collections selected for the themed areas

More specifically, some fabrics of the Break, Extrema Ikon, Piquant and Status collections were selected for the Adapt Assemble trend.

For the Relax Recharge trend, several fabrics of the Aurea Silk, Extrema Crystal, Extrema Ikon, Piquant and Stretchy Thermo 3D collections were exhibited.

Finally, as regards the Soft Minimal trend and its pastel colours, some items of the Aurea Sculpture, Aurea Silk Thermo 2D and 3D, Bubble, Esedra, Extrema, Extrema Ikon, Piquant and Snob collections are highlighted.

The beginning of 2018 was full of satisfactions for Flukso, but there are so many projects and targets that we would like to do and attain that everyone at the company is already working at full steam to keep on amazing you all!