Hot by Flukso: the new fabric for contract settings

A new fabric for contract settings, with high technical performance combined with a soft and wrapping feel in a wide range of colours. Flukso has included it in the Hot collection.

Weighing 450 grams/m², this fabric for contract settings is easy to maintain and shrink resistant. Besides, it is made with 100% fireproof polyester yarns both in the warp and texture.

Like all Flukso fabrics, this textile collection for contract has been 100% made and tested in Italy, taking into account the needs of upholstered furniture and in particular, chairs for hotels, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms and public areas in general, environments where technical and endurance performance is particularly important.

To determine the exceptional softness and volume of Hot we find the valuable polyester yarns and the special dying methods used.

The extreme variety of colours available is another of the elements that characterise this fabric for contract settings. The range spans from very neutral colours like white, ecru, sand, and greys, to brighter colours like greens, oranges and yellows; from pastel colours (wisteria, aquamarine) to more institutional colours that provide a wide blue range.

This contract fabric collection is also part of the exclusive Demitec range, one of Flukso ‘warhorses’ due to its ability to blend high technical performance and the typical comforts of home textile.