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Flukso upholstery fabrics in Saudi Arabia

May 2015

Flukso upholstery fabrics have been recently chosen to manufacture the seats for the Riyadh branch of the Toasted fast-food chain, a rapidly growing company that offers food such as soups, sandwiches and salads reinterpreted in gourmet style, paying special attention to the freshness of the ingredients.

The fabrics chosen are part of the Extrema collection, which is made up of specially valued imitation leather upholstery, mainly in the contract sector but also in the residential sector, due to both its technical characteristics and its aesthetic impact. The supply commissioned from Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia, is just one of the large number of examples of how Flukso fabrics for interior design are crossing the national borders, reinforcing their presence in the foreign market, particularly in Asia, the United States and Morocco.