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Flukso fabrics for interior design interview architect Franco Driusso

October 2014

Flukso fabrics for interior design meet architect Franco Driusso, one of the ‘souls’ of the Driusso Associati Architects firm that often works together with Flukso to design several products. The architecture firm created by brothers Roberto and Franco Driusso deals with the entire design process, developing proposals which involve visual arts in a broad sense: architectural projects in the field of new buildings, restoration and refurbishing, going down to the details of interior design, industrial design, graphic design, corporate identity and visual image.


How does your activity materialise given it covers such a wide range of fields?

Our architecture firm looks after the corporate image of several companies, following the art guidelines for images, graphics and products: planning from corporate headquarters and showrooms to exhibition booths, from the concept of points of sales up to actually designing industrial products.


Which are the style characteristics of your creative work?

The whole creative process is based on distinctive elements: the use of technological and minimalist style, a design approach that particularly focuses on formal research, technological innovations, experiments on materials, with an emphasis on colours, details and sensitivity in the use of light as an important component of the project.


Environmentally friendly is also a key term in your work. How is that linked to Flukso fabrics for interior design?

The eco-friendly aspect is an essential factor when we develop of all the projects of our firm. We very careful when choosing the materials we use, we supervise how they are made as well as how they are disposed of. The idea we want to convey and make people aware of is that ‘green’ is not opposite to beautiful; this is not longer so. There are many excellent products that also care for environmental sustainability, while featuring a strong visual impact. And Flukso fabrics for interior design are a good example of this.



And that is the reason why you have chosen to use Flukso upholstery fabrics in your projects?

For this and for many other reasons. There is one that stands out from the rest: Flukso is a company that ‘cares’ when it cones to follow and meet the specific requirements of a project. This ability to communicate, to be open to talk and this curiosity make the difference.