The fabrics for interior design by Flukso are “One Thousand and One Nights” style

The fabrics for interior design by Flukso have recently dressed the seats of one of the restaurants belonging to the “Mille e una notte” (One Thousand and One Nights) chain of Tavagnacco. This space needed a fabric that could integrate into the ethnic-style interior design typical of this chain that is already present in the region with three other establishments in Udine, Grado and Trieste, and also expanding to the rest of Italy with two restaurants already operating in Naples and Monacalieri (TO) and two next openings in Parma and Milan. The Eternya upholstery collection has been chosen. This is a candlewick fabric for interior design with a vintage touch available in 4 variants, each of which is coordinated with about twenty colours, which has perfectly matched the restaurant Middle-Eastern atmosphere. The supply made by Flukso for “Mille e una notte” is just one of the many examples of interventions carried out in the contract sector, for which Flukso has specially made a series of fabrics and coated fabrics.