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New photo shoots of Flukso upholstery fabrics

March 2018

Flukso upholstery fabrics will soon be prominently featured in new catalogues, design magazines and exclusive portals dedicated to the furniture industry.


Flukso becomes a photo shoot set

We started from this premise to explain why the Flukso showroom has been temporarily set up as a real photo shoot set. The growing partnerships we established with publishers, architects and upholstery stores have been instrumental in our choice to produce new photo shots to enhance the technical and aesthetic features of each collection.


Spring/summer 2018 trends

Also in this case, the work of our Style Office was essential for the selection of prominent colours and design motifs; this year, in fact, the Spring/Summer trend calls for a vibrant colour palette to alternate with delicate pastel shades. Thus, we defined our irreverent and sophisticated combinations by relying on colour-contrast motifs.


The pastel colours of the Extrema and Snob collections

Among our pastel-coloured proposals, we emphasize Extrema, queen of eco-leather and Snob, a collection of refined velvets.
Both feature a rich range of fabrics in pink, light-blue and straw yellow shades that will certainly be a must for the next season. Precisely for this reason, they have been used to upholster Ottomans and other essential furnishing accessories to offer customers the opportunity to appreciate the flair of final products.

It is true that for now, we have only proposed a few novelties, but rest assured that Flukso upholstery fabrics will soon be unveiled through new communication tools that will amaze and offer you the opportunity to better appreciate their distinctive attributes.