New SNOB fire resistant fabrics: velvet is no longer afraid of fire

SNOB, the Flukso gorgeous, elegant, extremely soft, washable and wear-resistant velvet fabrics are now also “fire resistant”, and were awarded certification as flame retardant fabrics, in accordance with Italian and European regulations. Continuous improvement? For Flukso, it is an integral part of its DNA.

Fireresistant fabrics: SNOB certifications
The fire resistant fabrics of the Snob collection have been tested according to the most rigorous international fire protection standards, and were awarded 1IM flame-retardant certification for Italian padding products, as well as EN1021 part 1 and 2 (no ignition) for the European Class, and BS5852 source 0 and 1 for the British Residential Class. Similar tests were also carried out for Austria and Germany.

“Reaction to fire” and fire resistant fabrics
With regard to fire resistant fabrics, reaction to fire refers to the degree with which a combustible material responds to the fire activity with which it comes into contact. Classification ranges from class 0 for non-combustible materials to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, of which 1 and 2 are the safest, since they take longer for effective ignition, are self-extinguishing and do not produce harmful fumes or discomfort to eyes and breathing.

A perfect balance between safety, quality and design
Successful tests, which are part of the ongoing product improvement process that has been the focus of the company’s activities for more than 40 years, allow the SNOB collection velvet fabrics complying with European safety and fire regulations without affecting their beautiful aesthetic properties and resistance to wear. This issue is proving to be of particular importance for the contract-based fabric industry, which increasingly combines the beauty of furniture with quality, safety, durability and ease of maintenance.

Do you already know the SNOB velvet collection?
The SNOB furnishing fabrics collection features elegant velvets that combine the softness of natural cotton fibres with the resistance of polyester fibres used in the rear structures. Available in 36 delicate, mildly mélange pastel hues, these precious fabrics combine experience with materials with an elegant colour versatility, giving life to creative projects realized by architects and designers.