Snob: the upholstery fabric for residential environments with a warm caress

An upholstery fabric for residential environments of superior elegance: Snob, the newest product to come out of the Flukso laboratory, is a soft, delicate textile, able to visually recreate warm, caressing ambiences, enhancing different styles of interiors.
Snob is a home textile line obtained by mixing the soft, natural and pasty fibres of cotton with the stronger and tougher fibres of polyester, which comprise the backing.
An innovative, washable fabric resulted, with high abrasion and laceration resistance and with good colour fastness to light.
What makes it unique, however, is its velvety and refined elegance, which characterises it at the tactile and aesthetic level, indicated to recreate, through the fabrics, cocoon-like and harmonious ambiences.
This upholstery fabric for residential environments comes in 36 elegant and delicate pastel shades. The colours, characterised by a delicate melange effect obtained by dyeing the two fibres together, lend themselves for use in the most diverse environments: from the most classic interiors to modern and contemporary ambiences.