Upholstery fabrics: the Flukso – Riflessi Partnership

Rebel, Bloom, Tailor: Riflessi has chosen Flukso and its upholstery fabrics for the new products presented at the Milan Design Week.

The Riflessi collection leverages elegance, strength, harmonious shapes, as well as ease of use, ergonomics applied to each product, flexibility and customisable design ideas.


Cozy design and swaddling upholstery

The sculpted shapes of the Riflessi collection are created for homes that seek comfort, love welcoming and hosting, and want a perfect match of look and functionality.

A philosophy that the Flukso upholstery fabrics fully embody, with their soft textures and textile sensations matched by superior resistance.


Rebel, the upholstery for Ambra

Designed by Stefano Sandonà and Sabrina Bettini, Ambra is a chair with a sinuous and feminine silhouette designed to wrap and support the body thanks to the comfort of its curved surface and the particularly comfortable and soft polyurethane seat.

In Milan, Riflessi presented Ambra wrapped in Rebel, a velvety upholstery whose vintage effect engenders a strong appeal.


Marta: a classic chair paired with Bloom upholstery fabrics

Marta is at once a great classic and an original touch of modernity for contemporary homes and settings. On the functional plane, it stands out for its comfortable seat with elastic bands and a flexible backrest. Marta is available in a rich range of upholstery fabrics, from eco-leather to eco-nubuk, from cloth to wool. To enhance the chair’s line, Riflessi showcased in Milan a model wrapped in the Bloom upholstery coated fabric designed to offer softness and coziness without compromising the strength and high performance of coated textiles. Available in a wide range of colors, Bloom features a pleasing matte leather-like texture that enhances any furnishing.


Slim meets Tailor, the upholstery fabric with sartorial flair

Slim is a slender chair with elongated and seemingly threadlike lines which lends itself to being the perfect complement to every home, better yet to minimalist and contemporary settings. In its simplicity, Slim expresses its full potential through its rich range of upholstery fabrics and colors: from eco-leather to the Bubble fabric, from the Pop upholstery to wool. In Milan, Riflessi paired Slim with the Tailor fabric collection.

Tailor is an upholstery fabric with sartorial flair, designed by Flukso to dress up the finest look. It is particularly resistant to pilling and chafing, easy to maintain and clean, and features highly resistant colors.