New 2020: exclusive fabrics, sanitization and digital printing



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2020: What changed for Flukso

January 2021

2020 was a strange, unpredictable year, which forced many to stop and many to reinvent themselves.
And in a moment of profound change such as this one, Flukso has also renewed itself, exploring new ways to improve its offer, experimenting with different techniques and technologies to offer an increasingly wide range of exclusive fabrics, and investing more resources to digitize the company.


Products: Our 2020 New Entries

As for the products, Flukso has focused on a strategy of consolidation and integration of its range, for example by strengthening the line dedicated to velvet with the Shabby Velvet collection, knit and without glued support fabrics.
2020 was also the year of the green revolution, with the new Eve line, an ethical range with a low environmental impact, made up of 60% organic matter of plant origin.
And then again digital printing, immediate and easy to make, which allows us to reach a new level of fabric customization, providing continuous patterns or designs that follow the shapes of the furniture even for orders in small quantities.


Fabric sanitizing and maintenance: our 2020 new entries

And that’s not all. Innovation also means thinking about complementary products: Flukso’s product portfolio has expanded to include Sanirise, Hydrise, Renew and SLF20, which become fundamental allies in sanitizing and maintaining fabric, each dedicated to a specific purpose, both effective and practical to use.


2021 Goals

And now? It is said that January is the month of good intentions – Flukso prefers to call them goals. And there are certainly many on the horizon, always challenging and new. Yes, indeed 2020 has changed many things but not Flukso’s innovative spirit.

Want to find out more? Click here to download the PDF file where you will find more information and details on the new features introduced by Flukso in 2020.