A new room dedicated to Tiepolo wears Flukso



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Art and design: the new Gallery of Ancient Art of the Udine Castle wears Flukso

March 2023

A project that awakens love for art and design. A completely renovated architectural space.

Flukso becomes the protagonist of a unique exhibition hall that focuses on visitors’ experience and senses.

The new layout of the Ancient Art Gallery of the Udine Castle is the result of the work of the Candoni | Gortana Interior and Exhibition Design Studio, which reinterpreted the style of the museum space that displays valuable works by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, two of best known representatives of eighteenth-century Venetian painting.

In this context, Flukso has dressed an entire room wall with an elegant red velvet curtain, creating an effect of great visual impact that puts focus on the artificial lighting beaming on the art works, generating suggestive three-dimensional light and shadows.

Indeed, the entire setting has been designed to offer a complete experience to visitors. The perception of sounds and silences is redefined with the use of special sound panels, while a play of mirrors and volumes enhances the works on display. The result is an engaging and immersive journey.


Superb Trevira®, Design and Performance

For the set-up, Flukso used a fabric from its Superb Trevira® collection: a Trevira® polyester velvet selected for its excellent coordination with the red hue that prevails in the room, and for its glossy effect.

Superb Trevira® is a soft yet sturdy fire-resistant and wear-resistant velvet available in stock in 40 vibrant hues.


Passion for Customized Projects: a Common Mission

Since 2016 the Candoni | Gortana Studio has been leveraging its international know-how in the “Luxury Hotel Design” contract sector in support of the local and national market, with particular attention to customized projects that meet the discrete needs and enhance the uniqueness of each and every customer.

It is the same spirit that also guides Flukso in the development of solutions that fully address the expectations of architects and designers, providing fabrics for interior design that accommodate the hospitality, office, residential, outdoor, marine & yacht, healthcare & spa sectors, combining aesthetic value and technical attributes.

Click here to find out all the features of Flukso’s Superb Trevira® velvet used in the project, or contact us at info@flukso.it for more information.