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Complete restyling: a new Flukso look

July 2020

Flukso changes, experiments and tells of its fabric collections in a more modern key.

In a moment in time in which travelling to forge new commercial partnerships or to meet one’s customers is no longer so easy, it becomes almost a must to focus on activities which allow a company to improve in order to offer a flexible service that aims at excellence even if only virtually.

That’s what Flukso did, committing itself to a complete restyling ranging from digital to paper content.

In both cases, the goal will be to simplify the use of these tools, making them more intuitive and complete.


The Flukso website more intuitive and smart.

The new site will be redesigned just like a Flukso fabric: by following a rigorous project and by paying great attention to aesthetics, as well as technical and functional concerns.

Indeed, if on the one hand, the platform abounds with elegant graphic elements, photos of contemporary configurations of upholstered fabrics and a sober and trendy colour palette, on the other hand, it embodies an in-depth study to enhance the experience of the site users.

To this end, there will be four macro-areas to make the search of fabrics easier, based on their intended use.

In turn, these four large digital containers provide other filters to further refine the search, which can therefore be increasingly more accurate and targeted.

The new Flukso website will accompany and follow its users in every search step, allowing them to identify the fabric that best suits their needs.


Paper folders: new icons to simplify the search for fabrics.

Flukso streamlined its search also for its paper swatch sample folders. The swatch folders of all Flukso collections will be completely re-styled.

A more modern, clean, essential style, which, at the same time, is also full of useful elements for designers and architects.

A variety of newly developed symbols are easily recognizable and useful for identifying the different types of fabric available.

In particular, new icons represent the three core areas for fabric selection: collection sector, applications and technical characteristics.


An important and radical work that Flukso has embarked upon to support its customers and to improve its image, because there is never a point of arrival and because a company must always set new goals to meet the demands of a dynamic market.

Grow, improve and evolve: this is what Flukso has been doing.