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Fashion fabrics: Flukso at Pitti Immagine Filati

February 2020

From 22 to 24 January, Flukso participated and showcased its fashion fabrics at Pitti Filati, the main international event in the knitting yarns sector, which every year presents the sector’s top products to international buyers from all over the world.

Flukso was there as part of an initiative by Intex, a company specializing in garment painting, whose very extensive exhibition space in Florence was populated by about one hundred mannequins to showcase the latest, cutting-edge innovations in the sector.


Flukso: fashion fabrics

Within the space coordinated by Intex, Flukso showcased some of its own products for the fashion industry, including jacquard and trouser fabrics – all in an incredibly diverse range of thicknesses and craftsmanship, and predominantly in natural yarns.

During the fair, the company showcased a linen-cotton blend, raffia lightened with polyester, some natural fibre fabrics, and several knitted fabrics consisting of mid-upper market yarns and fabrics, which have been creating growing interest and establishing their credentials for their ability to reinterpret the fashion industry from a totally different perspective.


Fashion and furnishing fabrics cross-pollination

Flukso’s products have been recognised and very much liked precisely because of the cross-fertilization possibilities they offer to both the fashion and the furniture sector, from which the company hails and which is still its core business.

This openness, the fruit of its deep appreciation of the differences between the two sectors, its consolidated technical expertise, and its outstanding natural capacity for research and innovation, has enabled the Udine-based company to reinterpret fabrics from a new perspective based on an unrivalled freshness of approach and readiness to experiment.