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Flukso at Heimtextil 2019: an announced success

January 2019

For the fourth consecutive year, Flukso flew to Frankfurt in the second week of January to take part in one of the biggest international fairs dedicated to the textile sector for both contract and residential settings.


Boom of visitors at the Flukso booth

As always, Heimtextil has proven to be a unique and surprising opportunity: in fact, if the total turnout at the fair was lower than last year’s, the Flukso booth welcomed a much higher number of visitors than in previous editions.

The first day there was a 30% visit increase compared to 2018.

The incredible booth’s design featured at this year’s event, which had already made its debut at Orgatec, and, above all, the new Millennial and Moods collections account for Flukso’s great success.


Flukso: an interlocutor with technically expertise to boot

Statistically speaking, Flukso has countless loyal customers who, over the last four years, have been impressed by the textile solutions proposed by the company and have come from overseas too to feel first-hand its innovations.

Flukso was much appreciated also for the professionalism with which it deals with any issue concerning the fabrics it produces, from the aesthetic to the technical elements.

In the design phase of each collection, decorations and designs on fabric are interwoven with a careful research of colors, which is enhanced by a close partnership with Pantone.

Flukso produces an elegant and contemporary style, experimenting with combinations of trendy nuances that yield solid- and semi-solid color fabrics.

Flukso combines style with the functionality that each model can guarantee, and, for this reason, it is responsible for providing various certifications that help customers choose the most suitable collection for their project.


Flukso conquers all with its three-dimensional looking fabrics

Flukso’s quilted fabrics were particularly appreciated both in the exhibition area of the booth and at the Theme Park.

The Esedra Tricot collection, in particular, received most consensus. Its strength is undoubtedly the tactile and visual experience it offers thanks to its particular contemporary 3D design.

Soft and enveloping, the Esedra Tricot fire-retardant fabrics are available in 8 colors that are easily adapted to both a modern and minimalist style and a classic and refined one.


With Heimtextil, Flukso welcomed 2019 with an extraordinary adventure that confirmed the direction the company endeavors to travel and new professional partnerships.