Textile collections for upholstered furniture: our focus

A round-up of themes and fashion products and new products from the company as well as technical details to learn more about Flukso’s wide-ranging offering of fabrics, processing, treatments and customizations.


Easy and quick to produce, even for small quantities: digital printing opens up new horizons.

Furnishing fabrics production is at the centre of what we do each and every day. We approach our work with a very particular focus on research in design, technology, technical performance and environmental sustainability.

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Sanirise, Hydrise, Renew and SLF20: your allies for deep cleaning and fabric maintenance. Ease of use and maximum effectiveness.

Flukso presents four new professional products, perfect for fabric sanitization and maintenance: Sanirise, Hydrise, Renew and SLF20.

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Polyurethane-coated fabrics: the versatility of Extrema

Extrema is one of the great Flukso classics in terms of eco-leather. Made with innovative and environmentally friendly materials of very high resistance, without the use of phthalates, this is a collection of polyurethane-coated fabrics created for the needs of residential and contract upholstered furniture.

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Customized contract fabrics

Product customization and a desire to maximize client freedom in terms of product aesthetics, customization and uniqueness are the basis of the Flukso philosophy which they put into practice every day to provide clients with totally customized contract fabrics.

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