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Polyurethane-coated fabrics: the versatility of Extrema

Extrema is one of the great Flukso classics in terms of eco-leather. Made with innovative and environmentally friendly materials of very high resistance, without the use of phthalates, this is a collection of polyurethane-coated fabrics created for the needs of residential and contract upholstered furniture.


Mock leather for the residential and contract sector

This mock leather is available in a wide range of colours and versions. This ranges from the very traditional Extrema Basic and Extrema AU (certified fireproof fabrics created specifically for the contract sector) to ultra-bright finishes which are warm to the touch and the exclusive metallic leather effect of Extrema Metal.


Polyurethane-coated fabrics with the original Glossy effect

Extrema Silver Glass and Extrema Crystal are the exclusive eco-leather versions with an unprecedented glossy effect with ultra-smooth, glossy and very bright finishes, available in a series of vibrant floral colours that bring out the distinct finish.


Satin-coated coated fabric: the Extrema Ikon charm

Extrema Ikon comes with a satin opaque surface in a range of intense and deep colours produced by complex coating techniques.

Made with innovative and ecological materials, without the use of phthalates, the Extrema Ikon eco-leather has exceptional characteristics of durability and practicality of use.


Quilted coated fabrics: Extrema Wave

Finally, Extrema Wave is eco-leather made of polyurethane produced by continuous quilting an exclusive Flukso design, which makes this coated fabric even softer and three-dimensional-looking. With its balance between traditional aesthetics and contemporary taste, this mock leather lends itself to adorn different environments with refinement.


Status and Status Look: coated fabric with contemporary charm

Alongside the large Extrema collection, as part of its polyurethane-coated fabrics range, Flukso also offers Status and Status Look (a quilted version with a very contemporary design), two highly fire-resistant eco-leather fabrics, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, with a very soft leather effect surface.