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Giving New Life to Fabric Production Waste: Flukso’s Recycled Line Starts with Gyre

May 2021

Respect the environment through new and sustainable solutions, without sacrificing the performance required by the upholstery sector.
This is the goal of the Recycled line, which marks another step in the evolution of Flukso’s commitment: giving new life to fabric production waste by creating products with excellent technical qualities through a revolutionary green approach.


Gyre, the 100% recycled fabric for residential upholstery

The name of the product that inaugurates the new line of recycled products is Gyre, which means “circular movement”, just like the journey of the materials of which it is made. Indeed, Gyre is made up of 100% waste of polypropylene fabrics, yarns and fibres which, after being ground into granules, are spun and woven again, thus entering the market under a new guise.

Gyre’s sustainable nature goes hand in hand with its technical qualities. Indeed, it is an extremely soft to the touch and easy to maintain fabric, ideal for those who want ultra comfortable eco-friendly upholstery.
It can be used to upholster chairs, sofas and other furniture, to which it gives a natural and welcoming appearance; it adapts to any decor style also thanks to the aesthetic versatility of the 15 colours available in stock.


Guaranteed sustainability throughout the supply chain and certified quality

Gyre is Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified, the most important international standard for the sustainable production of garments and fabrics made with recycled materials, with the aim of promoting the reduction of resource consumption, while increasing the quality of recycled products.

Moreover, Gyre meets the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, which guarantees the absence of substances harmful to human health.


Water-repellent treatment, for easier-than-ever cleaning

Gyre is treated with Wash-Off, which forms a special protective barrier on the surface, making it even easier to remove liquid and stubborn stains (e.g. tea, coffee and ink), for quick and easy cleaning with soap and water only. Wash-Off is a permanent and sustainable technology which minimizes the need to wash the fabric, which means less water and less waste.

For further information: info@flukso.it