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New fireproof fabrics to arrive in September

July 2015

The fact that Flukso fabrics are much sought after in the contract sector is undoubtedly the result of the perfect combination between appearance and design and the total practicality and innovation. These fabrics are not only beautiful; they are fireproof, resistant to tear and impermeable.And that is why the company has decided to renew and further expand its range of technical fabrics. In September we will introduce a project of fireproof fabrics. Some of these fabrics are already included in the Flukso collection but they have been duly redesigned to answer in a more efficient manner to the requirements of the contract sector; some other are introduced for the first time. But there is still more. The Flukso range will be enriched by innovative 3D fabrics which are the result of a skilful synergy between looks and technology.