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The new Elements line by Flukso: emotions digitally printed on the fabric

April 2022

The timeless elegance of a dress with vertical stripes. The refined taste of an ancient Roman mosaic. The deep and sinuous furrows of a bark.
The world is full of design elements, more or less hidden, natural or artificial, capable of silently generating authentic and powerful emotions in the observer.

For the first time, Flukso creates its own line of digitally printed fabrics, which celebrates the variety and beauty of visual inspirations around us through a series of designs with a minimalist and essential style.

A journey through history, from primordial nature to Art Deco, gives shape to the new Elements line, made up of 13 collections, each of which reveals its theme through a decorative pattern digitally printed on the fabric surface.

The following video shows the spirit of the line and reveals some of the elements that inspired the print designs, which will be explored individually through a series of publications on Flukso’s social channels in the weeks to come.



High-Performance Textile Printing Bases

The designs of the Elements line have been printed on some of the best-performing collections in the Flukso range, which include different types of textile weaves, from the simplest to velvet, chenille and knitted fabrics.
The bases with lighter colors fully enhance the chromatic vibrancy of printed patterns, while those with dark tones enhance the elegant silhouettes of shapes.

These fabrics used as printing bases are all available in stock and are flame-retardant, ideal for applications on upholstered furniture in the large-scale commercial sector (e.g., hotels, offices, spas, etc.), as well as in the residential arena.


Foliage Motion, the first pattern of the line

A thick whirlwind of triangular leaves with dynamic and cheerful tones.
Foliage Motion is the first pattern of the Elements line, taking us to nature through a synaesthetic journey that starts in the eyes and eventually releases in the mind the fresh scents of the forest and the mysterious sounds of life hidden among tree branches. Primitive and powerful sensations that make us feel at home in every place. Foliage Motion creates continuity between open spaces and the intimacy of indoor environments, strengthening our ancestral bond with the green world.

The printing base used for this design is Superb Trevira®, Flukso’s flame-retardant velvet in Trevira® polyester with bright and vibrant, yet soft and tenacious colors suitable for both domestic and public settings. The trade name that identifies this combination of textile base and print pattern is Superb Trevira® Dis. 20 4041.

Below is a short video presenting the visual inspiration of Foliage Motion:

Endless Customization Possibilities

The motifs selected for the Elements line are indebted to the observation of reality and they are not random. In fact, they reflect an in-depth search for style and are inspired by trends that promise to influence the world of design and furniture in the coming seasons.

However, this line goes further, with the aim of becoming an open book, in which the first suggestion comes from Flukso and continues with the designs that we invite you to print on fabric, for the pleasure of experimenting and finding the shapes and colors of the elements that inspire the best synergy.

By contacting the Flukso style office it is possible to print custom images or designs on fabric, including those developed ad hoc on the basis of your needs, giving life to new decorations, with results that last over time.

Click here to discover all the collections of the new Elements line by Flukso printed fabrics, and contact us by email to for more information.