Resort 500

Resort is a collection of fire resistant fabrics designed to create upholstered furniture for hotels and public spaces. The large weft and the weaves of the designs have been chosen to produce fabrics with a solid sturdy appearance and at the same time to transmit a sensation of relaxation and comfort to the touch.
The Resort collection comes in 6 matching textile weaves in 12 different shades of colour, offering a total of 72 variants all available on stock.

Resort 500
Composition: 100% PES
Poids: 350 g/m2
Hauteur: 140 cm

Résistance au feu

UNI 9175 classe 1IM
EN 1021-1
EN 1021-2
BS 5852 crib 5

Fire resistence
Water repelent
Antibacterial treatment
Antistatic tratament
Antiviral tratament

fiche technique complète
30 ° delicate wash
Do not dry
Do not bleach
Iron at low temperature

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