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An exclusive outdoor fabric with a 5-year warranty: The Flukso challenge

June 2017

Clouds by Flukso, the line dedicated to outdoor fabrics, offers more than 90 options and colours that stand out due to their high performance and perfect styling.


Outdoor fabrics with outstanding sun colour fastness properties

All the fabrics for outdoor use in the Clouds collection are made with batch-dyed acrylic yarns. They are covered by a 5-year colour fastness warranty against sun exposure, weathering and micro-organisms. A very high resistance for fabrics for outdoor use; refined style and softness to build a cosy atmosphere that envelops guests, which could only be attained so far in indoor environments.


All the variants of an outdoor fabric

This outdoor collection includes extraordinarily soft fabrics such as the Ambience velvet and others with tone-on-tone hypnotic patterns such as Openair, combined with other more traditional jacquards such as the soft Twilight pique, or the Setting and Sunup gabardines.


Water-repellent fabrics for outdoor use

Jacquard fabrics show a really high resistance to water thanks to an exclusive finish treatment using nanotechnologies. Therefore, these fabrics can be used close to swimming pools without the fear that contact with the chlorine used to treat the water can spoil their colours.


An endless range of colours to deck out outdoor spaces

All the fabrics can be combined with each other; they range from very basic colours- grey, black, pearl, anthracite and blue- to bright and energetic ones- mustard, orange, green and turquoise- to lively deck out outdoor environments.


A line of matchable fabrics for outdoor use

The entire Clouds collection of outdoor fabrics has been designed to easily match fabrics even in unexpected combinations.

The range of colours, the combination of textures, and different textile sensations and patterns create a wide spectrum from where to choose options to enrich and embellish outdoor spaces. Until today there have been very few and limited options. Covers and upholstery can be combined too to create mix-match effects that are harmonious and matching.