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Flukso for a prominent British lingerie house

November 2019

A Flukso project in ‘Total Pink’ – in this instance a project involving work on a complete restyle for the boutiques of a prominent British lingerie house.

The elegance and charm of Flukso’s fabrics blend perfectly with the seductive, luxurious style the client was seeking for the refit for their luxury stores.

Flukso’s brief was to come up with an exclusive solution for the production of fitting room curtains and coordinated-colour coverings for footstools.

Flukso’s Area Manager had the pleasure of visiting their London office where he was able to meet the Assistant Project Manager and the Brand Director running the project.

On this occasion, we put forward proposals for customized solutions alongside ranges already in Flukso’s collections, but we ultimately settled on a model whose beautiful aesthetic performance and technical aspects we know extremely well.

Snob FR 2033, a smooth silky fabric, in either soft, natural cotton or durable polyester fibre.

An enchanting velvet in elegant powder pink, the predominant colour of all the London company’s boutiques.

From the very outset of our collaboration with this lingerie brand, our two companies embarked upon a path to work together cooperatively and effectively to find the ideal colour-matching for this project.

The London shop is just the beginning of this new partnership as the lingerie company already boasts 100 stores in 13 different countries and Flukso is already working on supplying several other products to add that irresistible touch to all the boutiques involved in the refitting project.