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Flukso in Madrid for Architect@Work

June 2019

A new challenge for Flukso, which on 29 and 30 May debuted as an exhibitor at the Spanish edition of Architect@work, in Madrid.

The event, which travels across Europe with several annual events, was designed to bring together designers and companies in a professional and welcoming environment.

Therefore, a sector fair for a discrete niche of professionals (architects, interior architects, designers and interior designers), which has selected only exhibitors who showcased innovative ideas and projects.


Flukso: sound absorption certification to earn a spot at Architect@work

Flukso’s earned its participation at the fair thanks to tests performed to certify the sound absorption properties of its contract fabrics.

Indeed, knowing the sound absorption coefficient is essential for those who must choose which fabrics to select, for example, to furnish hotels or offices.

A hot topic, therefore, which has attracted the interest of a large number of visitors who stopped by the Flukso stand to ask for more information from salesmen Francisco and Redi.


A metropolis in a small stand: this is how Flukso showcased itself to visitors

The event format is based on an itinerary that alternates small 3m x 3m booths customised by individual companies, to lounge areas where exhibitors and visitors can exchange information and learn more about the characteristics of products featured.

Flukso devised a solution to optimize the space of its stand, leveraging evocative shapes and bright colours to synthesise what sets it apart in the market. Hence, the singular profile of a metropolis wrapped in elastic fabrics of the Millennial collection, an elegant fabric panel personalised by digital prints and a palette of warm and cold colours.

A loud and unmistakable reference to the world of contract and to a digital world in continuous evolution and always in search of new and readily available venues to pursue.


The fair itself is the result of a discerning reflection on our times and a representation of the modern way of life. Nowadays, emotions, social interactions and experiences are processed at quick pace, becoming more and more intangible. The digital world is making its way into reality and, for this reason, the furniture sector must keep apace with this transformation process.

Architect@work has managed to tell all this and Flukso returned to Italy with a wealth of ideas and inspirations that will inspire new projects that will stay true to an increasingly virtual way of living the everyday.