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Flukso offers regenerated cotton yarns for its new collection

July 2018

The Flukso range of fabrics becomes even richer and more vibrant with the introduction of the fascinating Club collection.

The new collection includes Cotton Club,Jive and Swing, three elegant fabrics made using the latest generation of regenerated cotton yarns.


Regenerated cotton: a conscious choice for a greener planet.

Regenerated cotton is a clear response to water waste and the increase in CO2 emissions, problems that persist despite our reliance on organic crops.

In this case, after undergoing a special processing, what were once considered unusable cotton fabric scraps find new life becoming functional fabrics.

The Club collection has been completely realized by regenerating cotton yarns reduced again to fibers and then newly spun and dyed.


A unique and refined aesthetic result: irregular appearance and refined colors.

With Club, Flukso embarks upon a new journey, experimenting with an alternative yarn never used before for previous collections: for the production of each fabric, the company adopted specific finishing techniques that preserve the fabric’s natural irregular and slightly uneven texture.

The collection comprises 18 colours with three different weaves, for a total of 54 variations.

It is paired with Snob, a cotton polyester velvet from the Flukso collection available in 35 different colours.

This time too, Flukso’s ability to create, innovate and develop excellent alternatives to classic proposals, translate into a valuable collection made of intense colours and textures that are comfortable to the touch.