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Flukso welcomes the new year with Heimtextil 2019

December 2018

Utopia. This is the key concept of the new edition of Heimtextil, the international fair that every year fascinates and enchants visitors and exhibitors with visual and tactile suggestions.

And it is precisely on this occasion that Flukso will welcome the new year by presenting a rich selection of new fabric collections at its stand (HALL 4.0 – STAND B48) and in dedicated areas.


Heimtextil presents five future scenarios

In full Heimtextil style, the development of the main theme is contextualised in a constantly evolving reality which also takes account of anything related to sustainability.

And this year, it does it by asking a question: Is it possible to believe in a society that respects every single person and the environment, and functions on individual responsibility, positive actions and optimism?

With the intention of responding in the affirmative to this question, Heimtextil has experimented with five different interactive future scenarios: Pursue Play, Seek Sanctuary, Go off-grid, Escape Reality and Embrace Indulgence.


Pursue Play

In an era marked by uncertainty, political instability and environmental problems, the aim is to meet the need for optimism, evasion and creativity through play activities.

Playing becomes necessary to appreciate important things in the midst of chaos. For this reason, for the Pursue Play trend, designers focus on tactile interactions and experiments.

Here bold product design, interior spaces and trendy elements are enlivened by a touch of humor. Flukso has chosen the following fabrics: Extrema Crystal #4870, Extrema Crystal#3670, Extrema Crystal #4570, Extrema Crystal #3870 and Bubble #12.

The task of selecting the right fabrics for each trend has been entrusted to the London agency Franklin Till, which has always dealt with colors, trends and innovation.


Seek Sanctuary

Another theme area, another concept to be developed. In this case, the search for peace and tranquility continues in the midst of the noise of a hyper-connected daily life. Urban oases, therefore, become a source of relaxation and well-being, and material things are no longer perceived as fundamental to guaranteeing happiness.

In the Seek Sanctuary area it will be possible to appreciate representations of clearly defined, functional and high-quality concepts. The Flukso fabrics chosen by the Franklin Till agency for this trend are the following: Aurea Sculpture #6385, Aurea Sculpture #5085, Aurea Silk #50, Extrema AU #3150, Extrema AU #3150 and Extrema AU #3450.


Go Off-grid

To seek contact with nature, we need to take a path that moves away from the daily routine. A return to the origins, therefore, that allows us to reach into our more creative soul. For the Go Off-grid trend, the projects focus on the more technical aspects of outdoor fabrics and the work look.

The Flukso fabrics chosen by the London-based agency for this trend are the following: Aurea Sculpture #5985, Aurea Sculpture #5885, Aurea Silk #57, Aurea Silk #59, Extrema Crystal #3770 and Extrema Ikon #5104.


Escape Reality

Reality becomes more and more rooted in the digital world, and it is precisely through augmented reality that it has almost become possible to escape everyday life. The idea developed here is to be able to live more exciting, though also more sustainable experiences that rely upon technology.

The Flukso fabrics chosen for “Escape Reality” are: Extrema Crystal #4970, Extrema Metal #5750, Extrema Crystal #4470, Extrema Crystal #4270, Extrema Metal #7150, Platinum #37, Platinum #44 and Extrema Silver Glass #2765.


Embrace Indulgence

This is the last theme area designed for Heimtextil’s 2019 edition. At the center of the trend are high quality materials and Art Deco elements that together can represent a vision of luxury in the future.

The Flukso fabrics chosen for this trend are the following: Status Look #5104, Bubble #14 and Extrema Wave #4080 (rose).


This year too Flukso will showcase its collections at Heimtextil to tell of their style through the trends developed by the Fair’s organizers.


The company is waiting for you from 8 to 11 January at STAND B48 – HALL 4.0.


Flukso takes the opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and inform you that its offices will be closed from 21 December, 2018 to 6 January, 2019.