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Hypnotic and enveloping: Bubble, the new contract upholstery fabric

March 2016

A contract upholstery fabric with the style of refined home textiles. This is what Flukso proposes with its Bubble line, part of the exquisite Demitec collection.

Bubble upholstery fabric is made with special jacquard looms that create a completely new texturized effect, rich in tactile and visual fascination.

Bubble is an extraordinarily soft and enveloping polyester fabric that catches people’s eye and adds a unique trait to the most various kinds of upholstered furniture.

Elegant by nature, Bubble is recommended for both upholstered furniture in prestigious and elegant contract settings, and upholstery in home settings.


Demitec Line

The distinctive feature of the Demitec range is represented by textiles that, for the first time, combine the elegance, enveloping textures and refinement of fabrics typically reserved for residential indoor uses and the resistance and state-of-the-art technical performance of contract fabrics.


Colour range

The palette of colours offered includes monochrome versions in which the simple textile texture emphasises the relief elements and the tone-on-tone versions, which feature neutral shades such as beige, pearl and taupe contrasting yellow, green and orange evoking the atmosphere of the 70’s.


High technical performance

The Bubble upholstery fabric, designed for upholstered furniture, offers the most advanced technical performance foreseen in contract settings: it is easy to maintain and clean, resistant to tear and abrasion, and it does not shrink. It is also characterised by colour fastness to light and dry and wet friction or rubbing.

Both the warp and texture of Bubble upholstery fabric are 100% fireproof. Since it has successfully passed the most exacting reaction to fire tests, it can be used in professional, hotel and contract settings.