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Millennial and Moods: the modern soul of contract fabric

March 2019

Flukso confirms its connection with the design world by introducing Millennial and Moods

among its contract fabric lines.

Inspiration, innovation, modularity and search for colours are just some of the elements that define these two new textile proposals whose name gives away the thinking behind their creation.


Millennial: connected with style

Increasingly connected to the digital world, with Millennial we are catapulted into an augmented reality made of vibrant colours and elastic meshes.

Bitnet, Impulse, Pixel and Visual are the four collections that serve as a manifesto for this line conceived to meet the increasing demands for upholstery with a markedly contemporary style.

The Millenial collections are made with polyester FR yarn, each offered in 30 different colour variants, and can be coordinated with the other three collections, yielding a total of 120 products, all available in stock.

These fabrics are slightly elastic and made with jacquard 440 g/m² knitted frames. Thanks to their particular fabric construction, they are suitable for easy upholstery with excellent aesthetic results, including even for furniture with a more extreme design.

The Millenial line is also suitable to cover panels and sound-absorbing upholstered furniture.

In addition, combined with upholstery padding material, its slightly three-dimensional fabric construction contributes to reducing sound reverberation.


Moods: 4 versatile solutions for residential and contract sectors

The Moods line – part of the Demitec range – has a more classic profile compared to the Millennial proposals, both for its colour palette and style.
The line colours are soft, warm and perfect to recreate visual suggestions that are best matched to both commercial and residential locations.
Atmosphere, Vibration, Emotion e Dynamic, four collections whose discrete textures convey different tactile sensations, are the representatives of this new line.

The fabrics are manufactured and finished in Italy, made with a polyester FR yarn available in 40 colour variations that can be coordinated with those of other Moods collections, yielding a total of 160 products, all available in stock.

In addition, the fabric outer layer is extremely soft and enveloping, bringing to mind the feel of natural fabrics: the effect was achieved by dyeing the jacquard textile bases with rope overflow machines and subsequent processing with a rubber cylinder.


With Moods and Millennial, Flukso has worked on two very different lines which share the same modern and lively look.

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