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Orgatec: Flukso reinterprets the concept of office furniture

September 2018

From 23 to 27 October, the charm of Flukso contract fabrics will reach Cologne, one of the largest German cities, on the occasion of Orgatec, the Fair that explores commercial settings with a visionary look.


Orgatec: a new way of experiencing work

Orgatec is the leading international trade fair dedicated to commercial settings. It is right here that Flukso will showcase its interpretation of office furniture through a special stand that also includes a refined replica of an outdoor space, complete with a zen garden and some furnishing accessories upholstered in exclusive Flukso fabrics.

Orgatec will offer visitors a wide range of solutions designed to transform work into an experience of comfort.

Indeed, in this new edition, office setting design will be addressed with particular attention to the search for flexible furniture, versatile upholstery fabrics, customisable desks and exclusive solutions for organizing private and collective spaces.


Gorgeous velvet among the new Flukso designer proposals

Flukso has developed many fabrics in recent months, adopting new techniques and experimenting with different colour combinations.

Orgatec offers an excellent opportunity to share the new projects of the Tarcento company with sector professionals and experts.

To enrich the wide range of Flukso fabrics there is, for example, Gorgeous, a new 100% Trevira CS velvet, featuring excellent flame-retardant and tear-resistant properties.

It is a thicker though refined model produced in the same colour palette as Superb, with the addition of 8 shades.


Bitnet, Impulse, Pixel and Visual: this is the new Millennial line

At Orgatec, Flukso will also inaugurate its new Millennial line combines, in a single solution, the performance of a contract fabric and the softness and comfort that distinguish fabrics made for the home environment.


A breath of new products: Vibration, Emotion, Atmosphere and Dynamic

Four new fabrics designed for the hospitality sector will also be unveiled at the Fair, the news Moods line: Vibration, Emotion, Atmosphere and Dynamic, four elastic fireproof polyester mesh fabrics designed with the aim of replacing the traditionally dull office environment with a more welcoming and comfortable setting.

New products abound, just as ideas and inspirations which give life to a comfortable work environment; therefore, stick a pin on your calendar for this impossible-to-miss event, from 23 to 27 October.


COLOGNE 23-27.10.2018
HALL 10.1 / STAND B019