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Primitive: elementary and colourful shapes for the new Flukso photo shoot

September 2019


This is the name chosen to describe the concept of the new Flukso photo shoot that will take place on Monday, September 23 to introduce the contract fabrics of the Friulian company under a new, more lively and modern look.

Primitive, a word that reveals the intent of this new project: starting from the origins, from simple shapes to create more complex ones.

It is the starting point to create something more complex: a bit like what happens with primary colours, the alphabet letters or numbers.


Primitive: simplicity and complexity.

It will be like taking a journey back in time and returning to childhood, when with spontaneous and uncontaminated imagination we were able to create stories and ideas, building block by building block.

And this is precisely what we will do: set up colourful contemporary settings using furnishings of elementary shapes, upholstered with Flukso fabrics that we will use to give life to different architectural compositions.


Photo shoot: the technical choices.

For our photo shoot, we have already selected the colour palettes and textures, and the fabrics we intend to use.

Everything has already been defined, from the final aesthetic result to be achieved, to the technical details: the background must be neutral and seamless, so as not to contaminate the settings and to bring out the different geometric elements; the light will be dim, without direct spots, in order to obtain soft shadows and realistic colours.


Ten thematic areas.

We have already defined our ten themes: Outdoor, Velvets, Contract Luxury, Home Collection, Aurea, Bubble pairing, Resort, Dada and Pop Art, Quilted and Custom.

Cylinders, cubes, half cubes, pyramids, bridges and three-dimensional towers can also be upholstered in different textures of the same fabric on the different sides, to make the photo shots more dynamic and lively.


Where can you take a look at the photos?

The backstage shots and videos will be used to enhance and to give more verve to the contents of our Facebook page and the new Flukso website that will soon be online.

Are you curious to see the final result? All you have to do is continue following us on Facebook where you receive updates on the upcoming publication of our new site.