Elastic quilted fabrics | three-dimensional effect



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The new elastic quilted fabrics by Flukso. Battle cry: 3D

May 2019

With Esedra Tricot, Alkemia Game and Status Look, Flukso goes for a more energetic and bold 3D solution. Three new collections of elastic quilted fabrics developed to offer a more lively alternative to traditional quilt for the upholstered furniture market, as well as more technical solutions for decorative or sound-absorbing panels.

These fabrics are selected and appreciated for furnishing accessories that require aesthetic impact, such as decorative pillows and ottomans. The elastic property of these products makes it possible to upholster even curved decorative elements and complete projects involving irregular shapes.


Esedra Tricot: soft and contemporary weave

The fabrics of this collection boast a natural appearance, are extremely soft to the touch, and feature an exclusive modern design and three-dimensional rendering, given by its special seamless elastic quilt. The fabrics are available in 8 trendy colours and can be combined with coordinated collections.


Alkemia Game: a 3D game of softness

Softness and extraordinary beauty for Alkemia Game, fabric made with cutting-edge textile techniques.
It is a special seamless elastic quilt with a minimalist and modern style. It is soft, three-dimensional and easily stretchable.
Alkemia Game is available in 8 elegant colour variants and can be combined with coordinated collections.


Status Look: 3D geometric designs

Among the three proposals, Status Look is the only 100% fireproof eco-leather. It is very durable, totally made in Italy and appreciated for its seamless 3D easily stretchable quilt.
Status Look is available in 8 brilliant colours and can be combined with coordinated collections.

The three collections have been tested for all the certifications required in the contract sector. Moreover, the Esedra Tricot fabrics were successfully tested for sound absorption certification and, therefore, are suitable for projects that require textile solutions designed to absorb sound.
Esedra Tricot, Alkemia Game and Status Look are readily available in stock and for delivery.