A Flukso faux leather dresses the rooms of a London luxury hotel



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A Flukso faux leather chosen to dress the rooms of a well-known luxury hotel in London

October 2020

Flukso just completed a new international project; the Company was selected by a well-known luxury hotel chain to furnish 250 hotel rooms in London.

It is a job that perfectly keeps with the Friuli-based Company, which, in no time, was able to attune to the style of the London hotel in which modern luxury and Japanese minimalist tradition create a perfect combination of elegance and aesthetic innovation.


Customisation: Flukso experiments and proposes three exclusive alternatives.


Flukso skillfully addressed the customer’s needs, customising on request 3,000 metres of the exclusive Status 106 faux leather, which was modified both in colour and finish to dress not only the headboards and bases of beds, but also some colour-coordinated poufs.


In particular, the customer requested a finish that could give a particular sheen to the fabric.

After some laboratory tests, Flukso sampled three different alternatives before finally finding the ideal solution.

Tests also focused on a fabric that was easy to clean, and, in particular, from ink pen marks.

Flukso also succeeded in meeting this requirement, and not only: it also made itself available with flexibly to take care of some logistics, since the subcontractors were located outside the UK.


Experience and flexibility: the key to realising every successful project.


As always, Flukso proved to be attentive, dynamic and ready to get involved, as well as to tweak its own collections to create a true tailored product to dress a prestigious location, all the while remaining faithful to the style of the hotel.