Eve, the new biobased coated fabric by Flukso



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Eve: the green revolution in textiles

September 2020

It was showcased at the latest edition of Heimtextil and now officially joins the rich and varied Flukso offer: we are talking about Eve, the new biobased coated fabric, made up of 60% organic matter of vegetable origin.

It is a true green revolution in the textile sector, because Eve is an ethical product with a low social and environmental impact and has been entirely designed and manufactured in Italy.



How it is made.

For Eve, we used GOTS-certified organic cotton fibers to weave the back weft, and replaced the plasticizers commonly used in the blend with organic soy-based products.

Using plant-based sources such as soybean or cotton for fabrics means indeed reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the use of non-renewable materials.

Furthermore, we no longer use phthalates, solvents, antimony and added halogens in our production process.

In this way Eve, while being flame-retardant, complies with the European REACH regulation on chemicals and the even more stringent California Proposition 65 standards.



Versatility of use.

Laboratory tests have demonstrated its exceptional durability characteristics. Eve is suitable for both the residential and contract upholstered furniture sector and with minimum production requirements, surface finish, grain and color can be customized with one of the hundreds Pantone® palette hues.


Certified quality.

Eve has also successfully completed other laboratory tests, thus meeting European and international standards:

ASTM D6866: regulation using radiocarbon dating to determine the fossil or organic origin of materials.

EUROPEAN REACH REGULATIONS: european Union regulations on the registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction of chemicals.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: regulations governing the chemicals in products marketed in California

FIRE RESISTANCE: the fire resistance certificate meets the requirements of the main international standards.



Zero compromises.

Eve gives us proof that yes, it is possible to create a product of excellent quality which combines Italian design, high technical performance and respect for the environment.

This is a strong and salient signal that tells of a radical change and the beginning of something new: Flukso’s Green revolution.

Ever closer to nature.