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Flukso fabrics are now on Instagram too

March 2020

Flukso is coming to Instagram too.
For quite some years now, the company from Italy’s Friuli region has been publishing its contents on Facebook and LinkedIn. But now it is making a big leap forward and is also joining this great digital space.


Flukso is a textile company. And Instagram is a vast online collection of images and videos – a social network which above all prizes aesthetics and one where, as ever, it is the users who are the spectators of this exquisitely beautiful backdrop of colours and images.

Photo shots of the Flukso collections and hence of all the shades, textures, prints and different types of yarn offer a fascinating visual display that works perfectly on this social media.

And to go with this, we have devised a rich, dynamic editorial plan with bright colour palettes alternating with softer, sober nuances.

Here you will be able to view combinations of fabrics, abstract and evocative images, shots of the Primitive project, exclusive settings selected to describe the inspiration, detail, and focus of a number of individual textures.

Put simply, Flukso’s bright, multi-coloured Instagram profile is going to stand out for its eclectic juxtaposed combinations of colours and images. Not to be missed!

At this point, you may be asking yourself: where do I find Flukso’s IG account? Well, here it is: @flukso_fabrics.

Non vi resta che iniziare a seguirlo!