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Flukso reveals its green soul at Heimtextil 2020

December 2019

From 7 to 10 January 2020, Heimtextil – the home and contract textile industry professionals’ most eagerly awaited international trade fair –returns to Frankfurt. Heimtextil.

A unique occasion that, once again this year, will see Flukso taking part with its completely revamped stand and colours, components and selected indoor and outdoor environments that tell the story of the green world in a totally unique key consisting of floral and animalier prints where bright shades of green, pink and yellow predominate.


Prints tailored to every requirement

Every detail has been designed to create an immersive experience capable of conveying a feeling of tranquillity and well-being to visitors in such a way as to relieve them of the burden of the constant rushing around of a hectic life.

It will be just like walking through a garden full of tactile and visual emotions; an experiential journey where prints on fabric play a fundamental role.

Here it is that Flukso has decided to demonstrate the versatility of its digital printing service on fabric by offering wide-ranging solutions that vary greatly in size and design – from prints on wallpapers to those on furnishing accessories, such as ottomans.

Just a few simple components capable, nevertheless, of conveying a very strong message that this company from Italy’s Friuli region can offer its customers a truly tailor-made digital printing service that comes complete with all the certifications that are essential for responding to every requirement.


Matching designs: a new method of anticipating customer demand.

Another innovation at this edition of the fair is the approach Flukso has decided to take in presenting its collections to designers and architects. We have made up traditional bundles of fabrics in a way that anticipates visitor requirements by creating combinations of colours and textures that integrate with each other perfectly.

In this way, using just one single tool, the customer can immediately appraise the different possible fabric applications and combinations to personalize the same environment.


Flukso always one step ahead, introducing the very first 60% organic mock leather.

So, this year, unlike any other before it, Flukso’s green soul is going to find ultimate expression not just in the concept chosen for the stand, but above all in a major innovation. The company has recently developed a unique mock leather which is the only one on the market that’s 60% organic, while still also being fireproof.

And it’s thanks to this textile development project that Flukso will, in 2020, be one of the exhibitors with all three Special Interest Programme identifier labels.

Until last year, in fact, it was given only the first two labels: contract and hospitality and cutting service by the metre.

These two are now to be joined by the green label, which is dedicated to companies that work with eco-sustainable products.


Trends in 2020/2021: 5 conceptual worlds to discover

Sustainability is indeed the thread that runs through the entire body of this 2020/2021 edition of Heimtextil.

To put some more detail on that, the fair will have the rubric “Where I belong” and will be structured around five different thematic areas: Maximum Glam focussing on a life that is becoming ever more glamorous and technological; Pure Spiritual centered on the need to find a balance between nature and mysticism; Active Urban in which practical and versatile housing solutions are enhanced;Heritage Lux that celebrates the rich legacies of the past; and, finally, Multi-Local which embraces global cultural influences.


In the theme park, visitors will thus be able to explore 5 different worlds built with conceptual installations created with exhibitors’ products.

With specific reference to Flukso, the following fabrics have been selected: Extrema Ikon 1930 for Halle 9; Piquant Wave 5136, Extrema AU 1050 , Mystique 0585, Rebel 3 and Extrema Silver Glass 1965 for the Pure Spiritual trend, Extrema Crystal 3270 and Rebel Diamond 1660 for the Heritage Lux trend.

Extrema Ikon 1030, Extrema Wave 3680, Bubble 12, Aurea Sculpture 6585 and Skill Diamond 2370 for the Active Urban thematic area and, finally, Extrema Metal 7050 for Maximum Glam.

All this and so much more for you to explore from 7 to 10 January 2020 in Frankfurt.

Flukso will be present in Hall 4.0 – stand B48.