The eco-friendly fabric, one of the main stars in Heimtextil 2020



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The eco-friendly fabric, one of the main stars in Heimtextil 2020

January 2020

One more edition, one more stand, one more success: for the fifth year in a row, Flukso’s participation in Heimtextil has resulted in new contacts, great satisfaction, potential collaborations, and great inspiration to give shape to increasingly interesting projects.

In particular, this latest edition was marked by a decidedly eco-friendly atmosphere, where eco-sustainable fabric and the ways to make them even better for the environment were the undisputed protagonists of the fair.


Eve: a green revolution in the textile industry

In this field, Flukso’s proposals have proven to be highly competitive: indeed, Eve, a true ‘green revolution in eco-friendly fabric, was officially presented during the fair. This is a new organic coated fabric destined to change the market, and an ethical product with a low social and environmental impact. Indeed, in making it Flukso has used GOTS-certified cotton fibres and organic soybeans grown using low water consumption cultivation techniques.

This is how we have avoided the use of pesticides, fertilizers and harmful substances – a more decisive step towards environmental protection.


Shabby Velvet, Mystique and Diva Velvet: three new products for you to discover

The Shabby Velvet and Mystique collections were also shown as preview. These are two textile proposals designed and developed to cover also upholstered furniture characterized by particular rounded shapes; ideal for hotels and public places.


Shabby Velvet is a velvet fireproof knit, made in one piece and without glued support fabrics. The thin fleece of the fabric is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch as well as very resistant to both abrasion and mechanical stress.

Mystique is a finely velvety fireproof fabric in one piece, without glued support fabrics, ideal for making up all kinds of upholstered furniture for hotels and public places.

Mystique is made with cutting-edge textile techniques, using very thin polyester yarn. The very soft touch of the fabric is similar to that of suede.

Extremely tough and easy to maintain, Mystique is produced in both vivid and pastel colours all available in stock in 40 colour variants.

Diva Velvet too is among the new proposals presented by Flukso on this occasion, but the details will be revealed later.


Digital printing on fabric: a project that just keeps getting more interesting

Participating in Heimtextil also means thinking and building a stand that can capture the viewers’ attention and that, through colours and images, can describe the soul of a company… at a glance.

And Flukso has hit the mark, setting up its space with bright, eclectic, and jungle-style prints: a way to visually introduce the project of digital fabric printing that the company has been working on for some time.


These same patterns were also shown in the fair’s thematic areas, where they were appreciated enough to bring several participants to the stand of this Friuli-based company to view its rich assortment of collections. Indeed, even in the 2020 edition, Flukso recorded a constant number of visitors compared to previous years, despite a slight general decline in attendance to the fair in general.


An important and significant figure that says a lot about a company that is always on the move from an innovative point of view and attentive to environmental issues, and which likes to experiment and is constantly growing.