Flukso speaks

Here you can find everything you need to know about Flukso’s latest news, from covering textile collections to new projects, from the big fairs and exhibitions we take part in every year, to our latest collaborations. This space is updated continuously to show the ongoing development of a company that experiments and refines new techniques and processes daily to offer its clients an excellent product in step with the latest trends.

October 2014

Flukso fabrics for interior design interview architect Franco Driusso

August 2014

Damask fabrics for contract: Flukso introduces Plaza

January 2014

Jacquard fabrics for contemporary design upholstered furniture: Atelier and Appeal

January 2014

Charme fabrics by Flukso: luxury the Italian way

January 2014

Flukso introduces the new Rebel and Crazy coated fabrics